Jon helped us sell two houses, in one of the driest real estate markets in recent history, and to buy another one, which involved some pretty dramatic negotiating. Jon was incredible: patient, brutally honest, hard-working, and very selfless. When we were looking, he patiently took us to houses in many areas of the city, basically being willing to have us do our homework on neighborhoods on his watch. He did weekly 3 hour open houses when we were trying to sell, even bringing his daughters lemonade stand to help bring positive attention to the house. When we were dealing with both buyers and sellers, he had impeccable advice, which helped some potentially negative situations resolve themselves seamlessly. He helped us with contractors, staging, the loan process, faxing and scanning paperwork to Asia on one occasion, just to make sure everything got done right, and that we wouldn’t lose an advantage or opportunity. His knowledge of both the business of real estate, and the realities of human nature, was incredibly impressive. We felt like at every point during the process, Jon wanted what was best for us, and that he would make sure everything worked out, which it all did. Thank you so much, Jon!!!

Jennifer Montone
Philadelphia Orchestra