Jon went above and beyond what we expected in every way. We were able to sell our house in West Philadelphia so quickly that it caught us a little off-guard. We received an offer three days after it listed, just as we were beginning a vacation in Maine. Fortunately, Jon is very tech savvy and accommodating, and through a series of e-mails, web chats, Skype calls, and faxes, we were able to complete an Agreement of Sale with little interference to our vacation. A short time later, we found a house we were ready to make an offer on. This time it was Jon who was traveling, and even though he was in Spain, it had little impact on his efforts as our realtor. Once again using technology to his advantage, Jon took the time out of his busy travel schedule to speak with us on a regular basis via Skype and e-mail and submitted our offer, which was accepted. Even given these somewhat chaotic circumstances, we could not have asked for a smoother experience buying and selling a house. We would highly recommend Jon’s services as a realtor to anyone!

Renee Warnick
Professional Musician