My son, Benjamin Fink, was diagnosed with Autism in 2001 at the age of three. It was one of the scariest days of my life. Since then, my wife Marjorie and I have struggled, worked hard, cried, laughed, and advocated for our son. Autism takes many forms and has numerous symptoms, but the most common link is a challenge in the area of social skills. This makes social settings where most people tend to thrive very difficult for autistic people.

Through lots of therapy and patience our son has learned, to a certain extent, to navigate the world. Ben is now a student at Drexel University. It is not easy, but he loves the challenge, and we work hard to support him. At Drexel he is supported by Drexel Autism Support Program (DASP). This wonderful organization works directly with parents and students to help navigate the complex world of college at Drexel. It promotes academic and social competency, self-advocacy, interpersonal skills, independent living, and social integration. Recently I joined the Advisory Board for DASP to help contribute to their efforts.

We are also happy to donate regularly to DASP to support the important work that they do. We give generously to charities that advocate for autism research and that help young people with autism transition to adulthood. We feel that these types of donations align with our own values as well as the core values of our business.

Our intention as the Jonathan Fink Group is to donate $10,000 to autism related charities in 2019.

We hope you too will consider supporting one of these great organizations.

If you need further information about autism or autism advocacy, please contact me directly.

Did you know that all transactions with me lead to donations to our communities? With every transaction, Compass donates a small amount of money to a charity of my choice. Every little bit counts.